About Us

Communication & Live Streaming

GRCNetwork's strength is global live secure streaming. We connect patients to clinicians, and clinicians to their patients.

We also connect students or adult learners, teachers, mentors or classrooms. All from the convenience of any location, any mobile device, tablet or computer.


With today’s technology, geography should not be a barrier to Health & Education.   We believe communication is critical to success – linking people with needs and professional services in health, rehab, education and those needing consultation advice.

Our Mission

GRCNetwork is a live streaming network with a difference.

Through our extensive database we have specialized to link you to our international network of experts for those seeking help in Health or Education.

In addition, through our World Scholars (A Not for Profit) we are committed to preserving Indigenous and other Cultures and Languages in every corner of the globe.

Our live streaming can also expand your seminar, conference or in-field teaching experience, streaming you to your international student audience.

How We Connect People

We connect people & enhance communication using our highly secure GRCNetwork on any computer, tablet, or mobile device.  This enables us to link patients, clinicians, and other stakeholders, as well as students to mentors.   It also helps preserve culture and language through linking Elders and others to each other or the classroom.  No longer is anyone limited to 4 walls of a facility. 

Your Benefits of Being Part of GRC Network

The GRC Network save time & cost of travel. Convenient access for students, patients, mentors and healthcare those restricted in rural and remote areas. 
Employers, insurers and disability carriers remain in the clinical loop while no student is deprived of the learning experience due to location. No longer is there a lack of resources.

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