Indigenous People

Language, culture, and the Circle of Medicine is important to Elders Care. The future of our youth depends on hope and support from elders, community and culturally sensitive professionals. Stress, anxiety and the pain of loss can be in part helped using today's technology. No matter where you live or if in any crisis, communicate with us today and we will help. 


Traditional Aboriginal Wellness has always been an integral part of the First Nations Community. Our goal is to provide our virtual clinic to rural/ remote communities. This allows for successful rehabilitation no matter the distance. This care allows for local knowledge & traditional Aboriginal wellness to be used alongside other medical practices.


Aboriginal Wellness promotes a harmonious and balanced lifestyle by treating someones spiritual, emotional, physical and mental well-being. We strive to treat not only acute pain but also provide treatment over a long period of time to aid in improving increased stress and pain over time. In time the initial prescription to decrease the pain is no longer treating the real problem.


Specialists in Addiction Medicine can be connected through our virtual clinic. This way patients will have direct access to top individuals in the field to aid the patient in things such as decreasing the amount of prescribed medication that they are taking.


 Success can only be measured as improved function and the recapture of spiritual beliefs are balanced with physical and psychological wellbeing. Ability, not disability.  Our goal is to decrease the change of lost income due to chronic pain and addiction

Services we can provide for the First Nation Communities:

Elders can receive treatment without travelling away from the community

We can provide other resources that are offered outside your community

We can provide youth counselling and crisis management

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