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GRCNetwork Enables You To:

  • Provide your client access to the full breadth of interdisciplinary professionals who can help optimize their recovery and return to as normal work and home life as possible.

  • Enhance communication and coordination between all Involved parties.

  • Facilitate faster & more convenient resolution of claims.

  • Reduce your costs and time to resolve claims.

  • Save costs associated with your patient/client by enabling rehabilitation and other interdisciplinary interventions to occur in the patient’s community.

Services We Can Connect You With:

  • Independent Medical Legal Examinations

  • Case Management Services & Regular Progress Reports

  • Physicians, Medical Specialists & Pharmacists

  • Physical, Occupational & Exercise Therapists

  • Psychologists & Psychiatrists

  • Nutrition & Dietary Counseling

  • Vocational & Additions Counsellors

  • Certified Disability Management Professionals

  • Certified Return to Work Coordinators

  • Translators

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