Anyone injured, ill, or disabled who has not reached expected recovery within 3 months is at risk for prolonged disability, especially if the reasons behind their loss is not fully recognized and treated.


We link Specialized Clinicians to Corporate Case Managers, and Clients to Specialists through our GRCNetwork.  This is a cost-efficient approach to care, and reduces fragmentation of the health care system.

GRCNetwork Enables You To :

  • Expediate and improve recovery of short and long-term disability.

  • Provide early, active, interdisciplinary interventions for your employees/clients.

  • Maximize return to normal work and home life.

  • Enhance communication & coordination between all involved parties.

  • Save costs and time by enabling rehabilitation and other interdisciplinary interventions to occur in the patient’s community.

Services We Can Connect You With:

  • Physicians, Specialists & Pharmacists advise and care

  • Psychologists, Psychiatrists & other Mental Health Professionals

  • Physio, Occupational & Exercise Therapists

  • Prosthetic & Orthotic Practitioners

  • Vocational & Addiction Counsellors

  • Chiropractors

  • Home Health Care Aides/Providers

  • Social Workers

  • Acupuncturists

  • Registered Dieticians

  • Registered Massage Therapists

  • Healthcare Equipment and Supply Providers for People with Special Needs

  • Language Translators

  • Case Management Services

  • Independent Medical Legal Examinations

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