New Canadians, Refugee & Immigrants

Language, culture, job search/employment, skill transfer, settlement, and the empowerment of knowledge are some of the basic elements to be taken into consideration.


GRCNetwork strives to provide comprehensive services tailored to each individual’s needs.

GRCNetwork Enables You To:

  • Link with important resources – job search/employment, virtual and in person education, language training, settlement.

  •  Successful integration into your new community.

  •  Cultural and language preservation.

  •  Opportunity to network with the global community.

Services We Can Connect You With:

  • Linking newcomers with settlement agencies

  • Language translators

  • Connecting patients with social workers, government agencies, lawyers, insurers, WCB, and others from their office or the comfort of your home/workplace

  • Networking & partnering with other implementing organizations

  • Conducting operational research on disabled refugees in Canada

  • Tele-Education Topics:

    • Nutritional Health

    • Workplace Safety

    • Injury Prevention

    • Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

    • Adapting to This Climate

    • Chronic Pain


World Scholar Education group: 

  • Establishing a core team of mentors in all countries

  • Involving different cultural and linguistic experts

  • Encouraging students to be engaged in their education

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