GRCNetwork Enables You To:

  • Receive the highest quality and most appropriate wholistic health care and education possible that is individualized and cost effective, tailored to the needs of Indigenous people.

  • Increase your ability to return to a normal work, home & community life.  Be functional, stable, and remain spiritually grounded despite recurring stressors.

  • Benefit from long-term treatment strategies to prevent and/or alleviate unhealthy conditions, chronic pain, stress and anxiety.

Services We Can Connect You With:

  • Your healthcare team from the “safety” of home.

  • Elders and Healers

  • Counseling and additional help for: Crisis Management, Pain, Loss, Grief, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stress, Depression, Abuse (Sexual, Physical, Emotional), Self-Harm or Self-Injury, Addiction, Medication Management and Drug Dependency.

Success can only be measured as improved function and the recapture of spiritual beliefs are balanced with physical and psychological wellbeing.  Ability, not disability. Our goal is to decrease the chance of poor health and lost income due to chronic pain and addiction.


Language, Culture and the Circle of Medicine are important to Indigenous health, wellness and recovery.  This practice promotes a harmonious and balanced lifestyle by treating the individual’s spiritual, emotional, physical and mental well-being.  The future of our Youth depends on hope and support from healthy Elders, the community and culturally sensitive professionals.   Traditional Indigenous Wellness has always been an integral part of First Nations Communities. 


Access to health resources is not always available due to location, and as a result the health of a community suffers. GRCNetwork can link you to the health-care professionals you need no matter where you live.   Download our APP on your smart/iphone, tablet or computer along with our video conferencing technology to talk directly with your clinicians without leaving your home.  Whether in crisis or needing follow-up, we will immediately link you in time of need.



If you do not have your own clinician, we will help find you one.  Chronic Pain, PTSD, requires experienced Clinicians. The strength of GRC rests with the understanding that in most cases, the whole person must be treated, and we ensure you are no longer in isolation.  This promotes successful learning and rehabilitation, and allows for local knowledge and Traditional Indigenous Wellness to be used alongside other medical practices.

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