Dr. E. Lyle Gross

Dr. Gross is an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada native and Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. While working at Mayo Clinic (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) from 1984 – 1986, he developed the Impairment Assessment Unit and the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Arthritis Consultation Service. He has published works on impairment, disability, chronic pain, complex illness and work related issues and on the methodology behind assessment of damages and rehabilitation needs of those suffering loss.  Following his tenure at Mayo, Dr. Gross returned to Edmonton, Alberta at the end of 1986 where he began a MedicoLegal practice. He also consulted to and eventually became Medical Director of the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board (1986 – 1990).  Dr. Gross is versed in the determination of impairment, disability and chronic pain conditions that follow injury or illness.  He has completed approximately 18,000 independent medical examinations in a career spanning most Provinces in Canada, the State of Minnesota and Washington, the Netherlands, Germany and Russia. In Canada, he is a qualified medical expert in the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. He worked closely with the Métis Nations of Canada and a number of the First Nations Bands in Canada on the establishment of rehabilitation services. Dr. Gross returned to Canada (2009) where he served as Consultant to WorkSafeBC, Special Care Services; then a newly created unit, charged with addressing workers with complex medical and claims management issues.  He continues to consult and teach internationally on complex rehabilitation issues and rehabilitation service provision in urban and rural communities capitalizing on local strengths, while accessing TeleHealth and other global resource tools.


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